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From January 25 2018 to January 29 2018

HOMI is the business opportunity for the lifestyle sector.

l nuovo grande progetto di Fiera Milano dedicato alla persona e agli stili di vita, una nuova idea di fiera da scoprire che ruota intorno alla persona, ai suoi stili, ai suoi spazi: tutto questo è HOMI, la casa a 10 dimensioni.
A new brand, a synthesis of style, business and excellence: in a word, HOMI. It's an original concept for trade fairs with an international flare. Many home dimensions, only one journey leading to ideas and solutions: ALL AT HOMI, WHOSE NAME SAYS IT ALL.

NAMING: HOMI, a simple name holding many sensations, the letter 'O' symbolically represents the circle that encloses the environment and the person, and the 'MI' at the end pays homage to Milan, a metropolis par excellence.


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